Monday, April 06, 2015

top picks.


Mike Carter - Judge in Wentzville

Adam Paul - Mayor of Ellisville

Tony Pousosa - St. Louis County Council 6th District

Doris Borgelt - Arnold City Council

Kenny Newhouse - Ellisville City Council

Jeff Rakestraw - Alderman, Lake St. Louis, Ward 1 (not on the ballot - you must write in his name)

Sandra Ferguson - Francis Howell School Board

Kyle Haubrich - Mehlville School Board

Kate Holloway - Lindbergh School Board

Jamey Murphy - Mehlville School Board

Sudhir Rathod - Parkway School Board

Natalie A. Vowell - St. Louis City School Board

Sherry Ziegler - Northwest School Board

Catherine Moody Dreher - Cottleville Fire Board

Robin Harris - Monarch Fire Board

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