Friday, February 13, 2009

Representing No One

It isn't often that I find a day in which I'm inspired to create nothing. Nothing. I don't remember the last day I felt like this.

First of all, I was optimistic about our new President and all the excitement--the possibility of repairing some outrageous failures over the last few years. Yet, almost overnight it seems, so many liberal and conservative friends and family feel disillusioned by their political party.

A while back, I was happy to receive the stimulus check from Bush. That's nice, I thought at the time, and really didn't give it anymore thought.

Later, I realized it had successfully stimulated nothing. Just another Bush failure.

Then, when the first "bailout" package was proposed, I spent long hours in organized efforts of opposition. Many business owners I knew agreed with my concerns. My DH, who's been in the automotive industry for nearly 40 years, shared the same concerns. He remarked that one of the biggest solicitors for government funds was GM, a company he knew had been mismanaged and faltering for years. He said that any government funding they received would only delay their likely dissolution, which would hardly "save" their corporation like everyone was being led to believe. Ted reminded me that before GM even sees a dime from their vehicle sales, thousands of dollars must go to retired executive pensions: the UAW, etc. The other automakers have similar pension programs, for instance, however GM was notoriously in the red the deepest. Now I see why DH was bothered by these CEO's flying in on their fancy carbon footprint flyers.

At any rate, none of that mattered in the end, because, just like the BILLIONS that simply vanished for Katrina aid (can you imagine?), countless companies and banks cannot account for BILLIONS received from Uncle Sam (ultimately YOU and I, of course). So did Bush's first bailout help our failing economy? No.

Now we are to be pacified again? With our so-called representatives passing an even bigger "bailout?" A bailout that is literally a jumbled mess? A bailout that has so many components that aren't related to creating jobs? Just how foolish can we be? Millions of dollars designated for the Smithsonian, albeit one of my favorite museums? I am hugely supportive of the arts, but jobs are what we need! J-O-B-S. I'm no economist, and I'm no mathamatician. But why would we throw more money at a problem that other money thrown at it didn't help? And why would we release this bailout without the proper oversight to protect it? Especially since Bailout #1 resulted in those billions already being "lost?"

Can you imagine other countries laughing out loud at our bumbling Congress, a Congress that can't even make sure this "stimulus" is read and understood before it's presented? This is beyond insulting to our intelligence and very troubling for the future of our children.

The excitement from the election of one our most promising Presidents in our nation's history has faded. Both parties have shown themselves to be bickering, manipulative, double-speaking, greedy, phony "representatives" of the American people. I think our citizens would do better to start their own party and tell all of Washington to f*** off.

I'm signing off for now but I'm going to hopefully find some kind of happy photo to post later tonight.



Anonymous said...

Annette~As I read this, I just kept nodding my head in agreement with everything you wrote. I call this new stimulus package, a "spendulus" package. It just scares the crap out of me, that our government is so willing to sign a bill that is over 1,100 pages long and almost 800 BILLION dollars!!!! WHAT!!! There is no way that can be a good thing. This spending package will be on the backs of our children and our children's children. So very scary! I too have become so disheartened with our political parties. Although I tend to lean to the right,(not an easy feat here in Seattle) I have been completely appalled with the Republican party and have seen no real leadership or new ideas from them in years. It's a scary thing when our leaders have forgotten how to lead.
On a lighter note, I have been reading through your blog and enjoying every minute of it. You are a fantastic writer and very entertaining! I only wish I could write half as well as you do.
Take heart and have a wonderful Valentine's Day tomorrow!
{{{hugs}}} Bekah

Annette said...

I understand completely what you're saying Bekah, it's so unsettling. No one can tell you what's in that thing.
Miracles happen every day, though, that's all I'm trying to think about.
Thanks for your sweet comments.
But I'm entertaining? Excuse me? You crack me up constantly! It's great because your wonderful wit is gonna be your best friend in relating to your little cherubs as teenagers. I'm so happy to know that about your future. :o)